Voluntary Sector, the State and the Law

Voluntary Sector, the State and the Law

von: Alison Dunn

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2000

ISBN: 9781847310446

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Voluntary Sector, the State and the Law


Over the last two decades the development of the 'third sector' has been underpinned by principles of independence and autonomy,regulation and accountability and patronage through partnership. The essays in this collection expose the resulting tensions in the relationship between voluntary sector and the state._x000D_ _x000D_ As the government role has switched from that of provider to enabler and regulator, many charities and voluntary organisations have been forced by financial pressures to offer services and engage in trading activities, performing a wide range of sometimes 'conflicting functions which an threaten their relationships with service-users and funds. The contributions to this volume address the pressing legal questions about governance, openness, accountability and regulation raised by the shifting boundary between state and voluntary sector responsibilities._x000D_ _x000D_ Specific areas discussed include the legal structure and governance of voluntary bodies, accountability to government and to service-users, regulation and privatisation, partnership with central and local government, taxation of trading activities, volunteer behaviour and regulation, political independence and control, and conflicts of interest.