Managing Litigation for Your Business

Managing Litigation for Your Business

von: Rachel Fehily

Oak Tree Press, 2013

ISBN: 9781846211591

Format: ePUB

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Managing Litigation for Your Business


Conflict that causes litigation can have a seriously damaging effect on your organisation. Win or lose, if litigation becomes long and drawn-out, it can rob you of your time, energy and resources. So it is vitally important that owners, partners, directors and managers ('managers') who want to run their business well recognise the danger posed by conflict that leads to litigation and work to avoid it. You can limit the potential damage that conflict, threatened litigation or litigation in action might cause to your organisation by using the information in this NuBook, which will help you to: * Recognise and deal with situations that may cause conflict to arise in your organisation, * Defuse situations where litigation is threatened, * Use alternative dispute resolution (ADR), * Hire the right lawyer, * Instruct your lawyer to resolve potential litigation by negotiation in a timely and cost-effective manner, * Instruct your lawyer to initiate or defend proceedings when it is necessary, * Run your case effectively, * Control your costs, * Deal with post-litigation issues.