Introduction to Wind Energy Systems - Basics, Technology and Operation

Introduction to Wind Energy Systems - Basics, Technology and Operation

von: Hermann-Josef Wagner, Jyotirmay Mathur

Springer-Verlag, 2009

ISBN: 9783642020230 , 87 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Introduction to Wind Energy Systems - Basics, Technology and Operation


Authors have tried to strike a balance between a short book chapter and a very detailed book for subject experts. There were three prime reasons behind doing so: first, the field is quite interdisciplinary and requires simplified presentation for a person from non-parent discipline. Second reason for this short-version of a full book is that both the authors have seen students and technically oriented people, searching for this type of book on wind energy. Third reason and motivation was considering engineers who are starting their career in wind industry. This book is targeted to present a good starting background to such professionals.

Hermann-Josef Wagner is Professor for Energy Systems and Energy Economics at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany. He worked as a scientist for the Research Centre Juelich, for the German Parliament and for different universities. His relevant experiences are on the fields on energy systems analysis, renewable energies like wind energy and life cycle analysis. 
Dr.-Ing. Jyotirmay Mathur is a mechanical engineer postgraduate in energy studies from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India; and doctorate from University of Essen, Germany. He specializes in the areas of renewable energy systems, energy policy modelling and energy efficiency. Working as Reader in the Malaviya National Institute of Technology in Jaipur, Dr. Mathur has been founder coordinator of the postgraduate program in energy engineering. He is involved with several committees of national importance in India.