International Corporate Law - Volume 2 2002

International Corporate Law - Volume 2 2002

von: Fiona Macmillan

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2003

ISBN: 9781847311900

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International Corporate Law - Volume 2 2002


The International Corporate Law Series is dedicated to the publication of scholarly writing on issues in the area of international and comparative corporate law. This volume includes contributions from the following:Dr Adedeji Adekunle of the University of Lagos writing on Nigerian corporate regulation,Professor Stephen Bottomley of the Australian National University writing on corporate governance,Professor John Braithwaite of the Australian National University and Dr Peter Drahos of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute writing on the globalisation of corporate regulation,Professor Yves Chaput of the Universit' de Paris I writing on developments in French corporate law,Rasiah Gengatharen of the University of Western Australia writing on corporate law reform and futures regulation in Australia,Dr John Gillespie of Deakin University writing on the transplantation of company law in Vietnam,Desmond Guobadia writing on developments in Nigerian corporate law, Jean-Phillipe Robe writing on the globalised enterprise within the world economy,Richard Tudway writing on the juridical nature of the corporation, andProfessor Junko Ueda writing on recent developments in Japanese corporate law.