Osteoporosis - Answers at your fingertips

Osteoporosis - Answers at your fingertips

von: Stefan Cembrowicz, Theresa Allain

Class Health, 2011

ISBN: 9781859591833

Format: ePUB

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Osteoporosis - Answers at your fingertips


The first sign of osteoporosis is usually a broken bone, there are often no prior warning signs. One in two women and one in five men over fifty will experience a fracture. However, early treatment can prevent further serious breaks and ill-health, and it is vital for everyone to be aware of how they can protect themselves against this potentially dangerous and painful condition.In this invaluable guide, Dr Stefan Cembrowicz and Dr Theresa Allain answer hundreds of questions from people with osteoporosis and their families. With positive, practical advice on every aspect of osteoporosis, including how to strengthen your bones and prevent fractures and pain, this is an essential handbook for those people suffering from this common condition, and those at risk from it.Practical answers to over 215 real questions about osteoporosis:Positive, practical advice on every aspect of osteoporosis from exercise and lifestyle to jobs and holidaysInformation and advice on the best ways to treat it without affecting your lifestyle, including advice on complementary treatmentsAnswers to all the questions you may not have time to ask your doctorDetails of organizations, helplines and websites for advice, products and support