Deception in Selection

Deception in Selection

von: Max A Eggert

Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014

ISBN: 9781409474777

Format: ePUB

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Deception in Selection


The latest research suggests that 33% of people lie deliberately to achieve employment. The costs of mis-hires are significant in terms of management time, selection and reselection costs and potential legal costs.Max Eggert's Deception in Selection will help you, the recruiter, to understand how and why candidates deceive. The book examines proven techniques and tactics to balance the interview game, to restore equity in the face of the clever approaches that sophisticated candidates bring to the interview. Although there is no fool-proof way of identifying deception, you can, with practice, become amazingly accurate if there is a commitment to master the basics. This is a must read guide from a best-selling business author for all those who participate in the selection process.